A Day in the Life of a Patient Care Technician
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A Day in the Life of a Patient Care Technician

Apr 08, 2010

The patient care technician comes to work with a smile on her face. Only eight hours today, but it looks like the day is going to start off with a bang…literally. As she walks into the emergency room where she works, she notices that all the nurses are running in and out of rooms caring busily for patients. The most serious, she soon finds out, is a man who was accidentally shot in the abdomen while he was hunting. While his wounds are not at this time life threatening, the nurses and doctor are very busy getting the man ready to go to surgery. The patient care technician begins putting the doctor's orders in the computer system and printing out stickers to label the man's blood to send to the lab.

"We need an EKG in here quickly!" shouts one of the nurses from the man's room. The patient care technician brings the EKG machine to the room and obtains the EKG. She prints one copy out for the doctor and another for the man's chart.

"We are so glad you are here today," says the nurse to her as the final EKG prints out of the machine. "It's been a heck of a day and we could use another pair of hands."

"Happy to help," says the patient care technician as she heads out of the room. She collects the labeled blood from the nurse and quickly delivers it to the lab. Next she notices that the call bell is on outside room two. Inside is an elderly woman who is hooked to an IV and a heart monitor.

"I need to use the restroom," states the patient, "Can you help me?"

After checking with the nurse to make sure the patient is able to get out of bed and have her monitor disconnected, the patient care technician helps the patient out of bed to the restroom and back. She reapplies the monitor in the way she has been taught and then heads back out and it isn’t long before she has more work to do.

She helps one of the nurses pull a patient up in bed that has slipped down to the bottom, she wheels another patient with a painful ankle over to the X-ray department and then wheels him back. She does three more EKGs, walks some blood samples and a urine sample down to the laboratory, then helps one of the nurses bring a patient with many IV lines and a heart monitor up to the intensive care unit. When they return, she and the nurse begin cleaning up the room and changing the linens on the bed.

The patient care technician next goes to help the doctor splint a young patient's arm who has broken it while running outside. The little boy has tears in his eyes and the patient care technician holds his hand while carefully handing the doctor the splinting supplies. She brings him a sticker that says "I visited my ER today." His eyes brighten as he leaves with his parents.

When three thirty arrives, the patient care technician is exhausted but happy. She has gotten a lot of work done, and helped both her coworkers and patients. She is excited to come back again tomorrow, but she is also excited to go home and finish her application to nursing school. This job has helped her realize that she loves working in health care and she can't wait to get her nursing license.

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