Echocardiography Technician Salary Guide
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Echocardiography Technician Salary Guide

Jun 07, 2010

Echocardiography technicians are sought-after professionals who perform echocardiograms at the request of the physician.  Echocardiograms are special diagnostic tests that use ultrasound waves to evaluate the heart.  Because ultrasonic waves contain no radiation, the tests are safe and painless.  It is necessary to have several years of training in order to maximize your potential to make a great career in the specialized field of echocardiography.  Depending on the location of the place where you are employed and the type of diagnostic center in which you work, salaries might vary greatly. 

Job Description

An echocardiography technician usually sees many patients a day.  He or she might work in a hospital setting, a cardiology office, or even an outpatient diagnostic center.  Cardiologists order these special studies to help diagnose a variety of cardiac problems including atherosclerotic heart disease and congenital defects.  These tests might be done to evaluate and monitor an existing problem, in an emergency or prior to a surgery or a procedure in order to determine cardiac risk.  Some more invasive forms of echocardiograms will be done by physicians with assistance from the echocardiography technician. 

How to Maximize Salary Potential

There are several ways in which a new or experienced echocardiography technician or technologist can maximize their earning potential.  The first is to gain as much training as possible.  Specialized training or advanced degrees often will mean a higher salary or hourly rate.  On the job training and experience will also mean more money for the technician.  Relocation to a larger city can also mean a bigger paycheck for an echocardiography technician. 

Usually working in a hospital instead of a diagnostic center or office provides an echocardiography technician with more money.  Hospital employees usually have benefits and sometimes doctor's offices do not provide them.  Hospital employees might also have the opportunity to earn overtime or be reimbursed for being on call.

Average Salaries for Echocardiography Technicians

The average salary for an echocardiography technician in the United States is around sixty thousand dollars.  New technicians and technicians who work in rural areas might make significantly less as do technicians who work in an office setting.  Technicians who are employed in metropolitan areas, larger medical centers, and have experience can expect to make higher salaries than average. 

Job Outlook

The job outlook for echocardiography technicians now and in the future is great.  Because they provide such necessary testing, that is ordered frequently by cardiologists, there will definitely be a need for trained technicians in the future.  Echocardiography technicians, like many other health care professionals, require specialized training.  There is also currently a shortage of technicians.  In the future, more technicians will be needed.  There will also be a need for more people to train echocardiography technicians. 

Is a Career as an Echocardiography Technician Right for You?

If you enjoy helping people and working with technical equipment, a career in echocardiography technology might be just the right option.  Specially trained technicians are needed in all settings.  If it is possible for you to job shadow an echocardiography technician in their work place, you should.  Echocardiography technicians have great and stable jobs and they are needed now and will also be needed in the future.

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