Full Body Massage Therapy Techniques
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Full Body Massage Therapy Techniques

Dec 04, 2008

The field of massage therapy envelops many styles and techniques that are used in many different settings and situations. Many of the techniques that are still used in body massage therapy date back thousands of years. As the uses for massage therapy expand and the science of the body is becoming less of a mystery, new techniques are constantly arising and being taught, as are the opportunities to practice full body massage.

Purpose of various techniques

Massage therapy techniques are used to provide relaxation, pain relief, ease tensions of pregnancy, correct or help issues with muscular disorders or malformations, and help athletes. The benefits of massage therapy go beyond helping sore muscles and tension also. The benefits for pain relief are just now being explored. It has also come to light that massage therapy also aids in reducing blood pressure and improving circulation. With the effects of stress on the body, massage therapy naturally reduces that stress and creates a sense of overall well-being unlike other forms of relaxation.

What you will learn

When you go into the field of massage therapy, you will be taught many techniques and explore all of styles of massage, as it is branching out into many areas. Full body massage therapy classes will teach you how to best use your body to give your clients the best massage experience you can. You will be taught how to use techniques such as gliding and how to properly knead the muscles of your clients.

The specific uses of oils to maximize benefits and the proper application will also be part of your education when it comes to learning massage therapy techniques. You will be shown how to properly use your fingers, hands and elbows to apply proper pressure and avoid injuring yourself in the process. Massage therapy is taxing on the body of the masseuse; therefore it is vital anyone performing full body massage therapy takes every precaution to protect their own health and safety as they help others.

Some of the techniques for full body massage that are taught, and becoming increasingly popular, date back to ancient practices of the past. Hot stone therapy in conjunction with full body massage is becoming known as the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Reflexology and neuromuscular massage are therapy styles and techniques that bring benefits to specific areas. Building your practice Beyond the physical full body massage therapy techniques you will learn when you enroll in a massage therapy program, you will learn how to keep and expand your clientele. The basics of working massage therapy equipment and caring for that equipment is necessary to learn. If you specialize in full body massage for athletics or the medical field, you will be taught how to communicate with other health care professionals in order to maximize benefits for your clients. They may need concentration on certain areas or be looking for specific results. Being able to communicate properly and effectively with the other medical professionals involved with your clients will ensure you are seen as a professional in your field.

Career opportunities

Going into the field of full body massage and mastering the techniques can open a wide range of career opportunities for anyone. You can find yourself practicing your craft in a well known or luxurious spa or resort. Some of these appeal to professionals due to their exotic locations. You can also utilize full body massage practices in the private sector and be your own boss. Once you establish a loyal client base, the sky can be the limit.

You can also find yourself qualified to work in a medical setting, such as hospital, rehabilitation center, nursing home, or alongside a private practice doctor or specialists. You can also find full body massage work opportunities in the sports field. Many athletic teams employ their own therapist full time. Mastering the techniques, meeting all of the qualifications and certifications, and constantly improving your skill level can help you obtain success and fulfillment through the practice of full body massage therapy.

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