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Iridologist Career Outlook

Mar 04, 2010

An iridologist is a type of alternative medicine practitioner who learns how to identify weaknesses in the body by studying changes in the surface of the iris. It is thought that when the body is experiencing difficulty, the iris is the first place where it will show itself, long before any physiological effects arise. However, since this is a relatively new form of alternative medicine, there is not much data on the type of career an iridologist will have, how much they will make, or how much demand there will be for this type of alternative therapy in the future.

Currently, there’s no specific training program or licensing to become an iridologist. Unfortunately, this may mean that some people who claim to be iridologists are not qualified to practice, and this may result in a negative reputation for this type of therapy. Hopefully in the next few years there will be changes in this approach, and those wishing to become iridologists will have to pass the same type of licensing requirements as homeopathic doctors or other types of alternative therapists.

Over the last two decades, there has been a significant increase in the use of alternative medicine as a type of treatment or complimentary medicine. More people are realizing that they can no longer treat their bodies like garbage cans and are seeking out ways to make themselves healthier without the use of chemicals or drugs. Iridology provides a unique service, as it can identify areas in the body that need attention before major symptoms occur.

In 2002, a survey was completed for the National Center for Contemporary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), and the purpose of the survey was to identify how many adults sought out complementary and alternative medicine methods. The survey indicated that 36% of adults used these services. In 2007, the same survey was completed and indicated that 38% of adults were using complementary and alternative medicine, as well as 12% of children. This would seem to indicate that there is at least a growing demand for alternative therapies for adults and children in the United States.

Once you have completed training to become an iridologist, you can start your own practice or you can find a position with a group of practitioners who will offer other types of alternative therapy. Indications are that iridologists can earn approximately $16.06 per hour or more. This may not be a high level of pay, but it does not require any significant amount of education, and lets you help people stay healthy.

Before starting your training to become an iridologist, you should find out if there is any demand in your area for the services, or if you will be required to relocate. Since iridology is not a proven science, there’s not much research available on what type of demand there is for this particular alternative therapy, or where the highest demand resides. In general, it is good to look for cities which employ a high number of other types of alternative therapists. You can always choose to combine your training as an iridologist with that of another type of alternative medicine in order to give yourself more job opportunities and a better income.

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