Lab Technician Salary Guide
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Lab Technician Salary Guide

Sep 30, 2010

Lab technicians have the potential to earn a stable income and have a number of opportunities for advancement in their field. The current median salary for a laboratory technician is around thirty five thousand dollars. Most medical technicians earn between about twenty eight thousand dollars and forty four thousand dollars. Many of these specially trained lab technicians are employed by hospitals, but lab technicians can work in clinics, outpatient labs, or even doctor's offices. Often lab technicians go on to continue their education or training and become laboratory technologists. Laboratory technologists make a median income of about fifty three thousand dollars, with most making between forty four thousand and sixty three thousand dollars a year.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities, as mentioned previously, are available in a wide range of health care settings. If a laboratory technician continues on with their training and becomes a technologist, they are able to specialize. They are often able to get jobs working for companies that manufacture lab equipment. Most hospitals are looking for well trained and dependable lab technicians that can help serve the mission of the hospital.

How to Maximize Salary Potential

The best ways to maximize earning potential is to continue with training or relocate. Larger cities and bigger hospitals often pay laboratory technicians a higher hourly rate. If relocation is not an option, a laboratory technician should consider getting more training to become a lab technologist and getting certified in a specialized area of laboratory studies like cytotechnology or histotechnology. These special certifications and training are valuable to many employers and can help an individual find a perfect, high-paying job. The more skills or knowledge that the lab expert is able to obtain, the better the outlook is for their salary.

The Future of Lab Technician Careers

Lab techs' job growth is expected to be great. The number of jobs that are available currently and the jobs that are expected to be available in the future are expected to far outnumber the number of people trained to do the job. For this reason, persons qualified to train lab techs is another area that will experience a shortage. Jobs will be available in hospitals, offices, clinics, and a number of other sites. In addition to more jobs opening up, there will be more jobs open as older lab techs begin to retire.

Other Careers to Consider

If a career as a lab technician seems like a good fit, you might want to consider some other health care-related fields that require similar training. You might want to explore the fields of nuclear medicine, radiology technician, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse, or even ultrasound technician. The medical field has a large number of occupation possibilities as well as competitive salaries available for professionals in just about every area of work.

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