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Massage Therapy Course Curriculums

Jun 07, 2010

Almost every state now regulates and requires certification to practice any form of massage therapy. There are currently hundreds of schools and programs that teach a massage therapy course and offer certification after completing the program. While each of these programs may offer different courses, have different requirements and focus on different aspects of the massage therapy field, accredited programs will have course curriculum similarities.

History and theory

Most every accredited massage therapy program and course will require a class that focuses on the history and theory of massage therapy. The art of massage for general purposes has literally been taught and practiced for thousands of years. The reason that it is still an art that is practiced for a wide variety of uses is simply because the benefits are undeniable.

In a massage therapy history course, you will explore the origins and the earliest uses of massage therapy. Different theories of massage therapy and how the outlook and use has changed over the centuries will also be explored. Today, massage therapy relies on the teachings and mastering of the ancient practice combined with the modern science that maximizes and expands the art of massage therapy.


Classes that naturally center of the basics of the human body and muscle structure are essential. Aside from the physical facts, many programs now also provide a massage therapy course which focuses on basic nutrition. Nutrition plays a vital role in how and why people seek out massage therapy.

By teaching massage therapy students how to best advise clients with nutritional needs, they can better assess and help clients better their own body and the body's response to pain. Helping clients become more aware of nutrition and its role in their massage therapy needs makes for a more well-rounded and knowledgeable massage therapist.


Many states now also require anyone wishing to be certified to pass a massage therapy course in ethics. The massage therapy business and setting is highly personal. Massage therapists notably work in very close proximity of clients. They are in very private settings and have a close physical connection to their clients.

Ethics, or learning how to handle or avoid unethical situations, is a course that naturally fits into the massage therapy world. Being thoroughly taught about ethics and how to handle unethical situations can protect both the massage therapist and client. Therapist will become skilled in recognizing potential problems before they have the chance to become problems for either the client or therapist.

Working as a massage therapist

Other courses in a message therapy program will help massage therapists prepare to enter the work force. You will be taught how to handle equipment safely and cleanly. You will learn to interact personally with clients in order to increase your clientele. For most massage therapists, in private practice or working in a setting that requires you to maintain your client load, learning how market yourself and your skill is a must. A course that teaches you the business aspect of massage therapy may be a must for the field you wish to break into.

Choosing the best program

Taking courses in the basics of massage therapy along with courses that help you prepare for a career are part of any accredited program. Finding the program that is right for you is important. You will want to investigate the length of the program, the success rate of graduates, the styles or types of massage therapies taught, the general philosophy of the program, and if it will help you achieve the career success you are searching for. Any massage therapy course you choose to spend your time and money on should help you acquire all of the tools you need to be a success in the field.

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