Medical Transcriptionist Career Outlook
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Medical Transcriptionist Career Outlook

Sep 30, 2010

If you are looking for a fun and challenging career that has lots of great job opportunities then you should consider becoming a medical transcriptionist. This career is expected to experience significant growth over the next several years, which means that it is a good job to choose if you are just getting ready to enter the workforce, or you want to change jobs.

Medical transcriptionists take recorded dictations from physicians and transcribe them to written form so the notes can be included in the patient’s medical file so that they can be used for insurance billing. Because of the expansion in health care services, and the increased need for health care services as the population expands and ages, there is a similar increase in need for qualified medical transcriptionists.

In 2008 there were approximately 105,200 jobs for medical transcriptionists in the United States, and 36% of these positions were through hospitals. A further 23% of transcriptionist jobs were through the offices of physicians, and the rest were through various health care support and administrative services. Many medical transcriptionists choose to work from home, although these jobs are not as available as those through regular employers.

It is expected that from 2008-2018 the number of job opportunities for medical transcriptionists is going to increase by 11% – which is about average for all occupations. However, as medical transcription and other health care administration services become increasingly computerized there will be more job opportunities for those who show an aptitude with computers.

With an average wage of $15.41 per hour, a career as a medical transcriptionist pays well, and only requires one to two years of training. This makes it a good job for people who may be working towards another career in the health care industry – such as a nurse or doctor. You can work while you put yourself through school, and all the medical terminology you learn will only make you more efficient at your job.

If you choose to remain as a medical transcriptionist you can still have many opportunities to advance. Many transcriptionists may move up to take on supervisory roles, such as checking other transcribers’ work for errors or inconsistencies. Others may become department managers and handle more of the day to day office operation.

You could also choose to take some more training to become a medical records technician, or to specialize in a specific type of transcription – such as cancer treatment. Or you can become an administrator of a medical records office, or even start your own home-based business. There are tons of opportunities in this field if you want to learn more about health care, and help keep the system running smoothly.

The best place to get started working towards a career as a medical transcriptionist is to look at current job opportunities in your area. Find out what the requirements of the job are, so you can see if they are feasible. Then you can start searching for schools that offer medical transcriptionist training. Schools can be local vocational schools or community colleges, or you can find an online program that can get you the certification you need to land a great job as a medical transcriptionist.

With good job growth and lots of local job opportunities you may find that a career as a medical transcriptionist meets all of your requirements. Don’t delay – there many people just like you who are looking for a good job that only requires a year or two of schooling, so beat the rush and get ready for a fun career that will really take you places.

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