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Paramedic Salary Guide

Dec 04, 2008

The amount of money that a paramedic should expect to make is dependent on not only their experience but also their training. A new graduate that works for a fire department or ambulance company in a medium-sized city should expect to make between thirty five thousand dollars a year and forty thousand dollars a year. This number can increase dramatically if the paramedic decides to work instead in either a large city or an area with a severe shortage of paramedics. If the paramedic chooses to become certified in critical care and work for a helicopter service, he might also make more money. Again, this is dependent on the area of the world in which the paramedic works. Benefit packages and retirement plans are usually better if working for a police or fire department.

How to Maximize Your Salary Potential

Education and training are keys in helping the paramedic maximize the amount of money he can make in a year. Becoming certified in special areas like search and rescue or ski patrol might help the paramedic get a job that has a higher rate of pay or better benefits. Experience also counts for a lot when it comes to making more money. A new paramedic will not start off making as much as his partner who might have been a paramedic for ten years or longer. Becoming an educator at a local college, hospital, or technical school might also provide the paramedic with a higher income.

Continuing Education to Make More Money

As well as continuing experience and certification, many paramedics choose to return to school in order to advance their careers. It is not uncommon for a paramedic with several years of experience to return to school to become a registered nurse, a nurse practitioner, a physician's assistant, or even a doctor. Many paramedics use this field as a jumping off point for the rest of their career, especially if they are young when they become paramedics.

The career of a paramedic is exciting and gratifying, but many find the emotional and physical stress to be too much for them after a period of time. Luckily thanks to flexible continuing education programs as well as online education, changing careers is not as difficult as it once was.

Outlook for a Paramedic Career

Thanks to an aging population of baby boomers, there will be no shortage of patients for paramedics to help treat and transport. As people live longer, they generally have more health problems and this means more trips to emergency rooms and also transports to different hospitals for further treatment. There are also many areas of the country that have a severe shortage of paramedics. Paramedics as well as other pre-hospital and emergency personnel are vital in the response to both natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Since September 11, 2001, many cities are revamping their disaster response and this includes hiring more people trained in emergency response.

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