Sonographer Career Outlook
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Sonographer Career Outlook

Apr 08, 2010

You’re in the market for a new career, and sonography has a certain appeal. It lets you work with people and learn new skills. But before you dive into training and education for the next two years you may want to first check out what the career opportunities for sonographers are, and what they will be in the near future. After all, there’s nothing worse than training for a new job that isn’t available when you are ready to join the workforce.

Sonographers work with ultrasound machines, but they can also learn how to use other diagnostic imaging machines like X-rays or MRIs. These types of imagers are in high demand as they provide better cost-effectiveness for hospitals and care centers. Should you choose to become a sonographer, you may want to also specialize in one or two other types of imaging technologies – it will result in better job opportunities and a higher salary.

Diagnostic medical sonographers are in high demand across the US, and between 2008-2018 it is expected that jobs in this sector will grow by 18% – much faster than average job growth. The population in North America is aging, meaning that there will be more demand for diagnostic imaging and less qualified sonographers in the very near future. Another factor is that ultrasounds are being used more and more to diagnose and treat patients since they are less expensive and safer.

Finally, there is expected to be an increase in the demand for sonographers as more physicians and hospitals use ultrasounds for preventative medicine. While in the past, insurance companies were only willing to pay for ultrasounds to diagnose and treat diseases, they are now coming on board with new evidence that preventative medicine can save money, as well as lives. All these reasons for ultrasounds means that there will be a higher demand for the machines, and thus an increase in the demand for qualified sonographers.

The majority of sonographers are employed in hospitals so you need to live near a hospital, or be willing to relocate to one. Additionally, sonographers who are trained in advanced diagnostics and other types of imaging machines will have more job opportunities, so it’s definitely worthwhile to see how much longer it would take you to learn a few other skills in order to become more employable.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for a great career and a career as a sonographer can be very rewarding. You get to help people every single day by using diagnostic machines to find and treat diseases, and you also get to help pregnant couples get that first view of their new baby. Every day you will be making a difference in people’s lives, and you can make a great salary while you are doing it.

In just two years or less you can be fully prepared and trained in the fine art of sonography, and ready to start your career on the right foot. Sonographers are needed across the country, which means that you will have your pick of great jobs in virtually any city you want, as long as you are willing to do the work and put in a few long hours studying hard. If you are willing to relocate then you can go wherever the jobs are, and you can make a great salary. Get started by finding out what a day as a sonographer is like, and look for sonographer training programs in your area. Then you can make the decision as to whether a career as a sonographer is right for you.

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