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Surgical Technician Career Outlook

Jun 07, 2010

If you are looking for a rewarding job helping people, then you may want to consider a job as a surgical technician in a hospital or health care center. As a surgical technician your task will be to assist with setting up surgeries, providing tools, and implements during surgery and then assisting with the post-op cleaning up. The life of a surgery technician is fast-paced, challenging, and fun – but is it a good career?

Since the majority of surgical technicians work in hospitals, it is important that if you are planning to become a surgical technician that you get the necessary training and certification to be employable by these centers. By checking current job listings you can find out exactly what credentials are necessary, and get them. This way you will be 100% ready for a job as a surgical technician. There’s nothing worse than completing training and finding out that you aren’t hireable.

In general you will need one to two years of training and education to become a surgery technician, and there are many programs available through vocational schools, community colleges, and technical schools. If you want to take a four-year program you can become a surgical technologist and be even more employable and command a higher salary.

All careers in the health care industry are in demand. From now to 2018 there is going to even more jobs available in health care, so nearly any job in health care is a good choice. The majority of the demand is due to an aging population, who will put even more demand on an already stretched system. At the same time many of the nurses and technicians who formerly helped to keep hospitals and care centers running smoothly are now retiring.

As for surgical technicians specifically, the career outlook is very good. It is expected that from the years 2000-2018 that surgical technicians, technologists, and operating room technician jobs are going to increase by a whopping 25% – way higher than the national average. Those who are qualified as surgical technicians can have their choice of jobs as some of the nation’s leading care centers.

If you wish to advance in your career as a surgical technician, then it is recommended that you decide to specialize in a particular field. Technicians who are trained in neurosurgery, pediatrics, or cardiology will be able to command higher salaries and have more job choices than technicians who are only trained in general surgery. Although you may not be willing to take on more schooling at the moment, once you have a steady job as a surgical technician you can always expand your knowledge by taking night courses.

Additionally as a surgical technician you will be expected to stay on top of the latest trends in surgical techniques and tools. This may mean that you have to periodically attend conferences or classes. By showing an interest in learning more about the job you will become a more valuable employee, and you can advance through the ranks at your job.

Surgical technicians get to work alongside surgeons and nurses, and make a real difference in the lives of people who need life-saving operations. With a bit of training you can be ready for this amazing, challenging job and earn a great income. With the amount of job growth projected for this field you’ll have no trouble finding a great position in a hospital near you – or perhaps you’ll want a change of pace and will find something across the country, it’s entirely up to you.

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