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7 Reasons you may consider to Study Healthcare Management

Jun 08, 2010

Healthcare is a diverse industry that offers opportunities in a host of areas, from nursing to administration. One of the most important jobs in the field is healthcare management. Healthcare managers are responsible for providing the best experience for patients, while providing the best environment for staff.

1. Financial Stability

Healthcare management professionals have the potential to enjoy a degree of financial stability that's hard to find in this economy. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the salary range for healthcare managers is from about $41,000 to $118,000, with a median salary of about $67,000. Healthcare management is the kind of degree that allows you to advance, meaning that as you develop experience and on-the-job knowhow, you could be worth a good deal more.

You'll also enjoy being part of a growing industry. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that between now and 2014 the number of healthcare jobs will increase by more than 30%. What's more, as our country ages it's reasonable to predict that the industry will continue to grow. Healthcare management degree graduates can expect to have potential job opportunities for many years to come.

2. Industry-Specific Knowledge

The conventional business degree is a good choice for generalists, but if you want to learn the ins and outs of the complex healthcare industry, you'll want to invest your money and time in a targeted degree. The insider's knowledge you acquire will give you an advantage that you can't find in a general business program.

3. Attractive Skill Set

As a student enrolled in a healthcare management degree program, you can expect to acquire a wide range of skills that make you more marketable to employers. Although programs may vary, you can generally expect to learn:

  • Office administration
  • Office management
  • Crisis management
  • Employee relations and communications
  • Patient care issues
  • Accounting
  • Business law
  • Customer service

4. Networking Opportunities

Although it's often overlooked, one of the most valuable advantages higher education offers is its networking opportunities. By choosing a specialized healthcare management degree instead of one in traditional business management, you'll be working with experts in your prospective field. These contacts will be a important source of industry insight and a valuable asset during your post-grad job search.

5. Range of Sectors

Graduates will find job opportunities in any sector of the healthcare field, including medical offices, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, health insurance companies, and consulting firms. In addition, healthcare management graduates will find opportunities in research and university settings, as well as regulatory agencies and community-based programs. Other potential sectors include pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

6. Advancement

Healthcare management graduates have the opportunity to advance beyond standard management positions. For example, graduates who acquire experience and leaderships skills may be considered for high-level positions, such as department administrators, clinical operations managers, hospital administrators or CEOs.

7. Range of jobs

This degree offers a wide range of job opportunities to suit nearly anyone's personality. For example, graduates might find work managing busy clinical departments, such as surgery or nursing. People who work in healthcare administration jobs might also manage day-to-day operations, such as accounting and human resources, in a medical or dental office. For more information on job opportunities in healthcare management visit the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Embark on a new career today and get studying for your healthcare management degree!

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