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Sep 30, 2010

For a person who is looking for a career that allows them to help others, massage therapy can be a good choice. It is also a good alternative for those who want to provide care of a medical professional but don't want to spend years getting the needed training. Massage therapy does require you to take a program in some states but not all states have the same requirements. The amount of time required to learn how to become a massage therapy also varies depending on whether you are taking a program to teach you the techniques or are required to complete an accredited program before obtaining licensure in order to practice.

Whether your state or locality dictates the requirements for the number of hours of education you receive or there are no regulations at all, you will need to know what the requirements are for the area you live in. Those few states that have no requirements allow you to start your own massage therapy practice without any training! Massage therapy should be practiced only after you have gotten the training you need to ensure you are providing a service and will ensure that you have the option of advancing your education and career in the future.

One of the biggest reasons that individuals choose to get formal training to become practicing massage therapists is that they are required by their state to successfully complete a program and pass an exam to become licensed. This means that it is imperative for them to find a program that will prepare them for the exam for licensure. In addition to teaching the hands-on skills that will be needed, they will also cover the associated subjects such as anatomy and physiology, the study of organs and tissue, motion and body mechanics, business management, and ethics.

There are also variations in requirement areas other than just training. Massage therapy programs also vary in the type of accreditation they have. Some may be accredited by the state while others are accredited by other agencies. If you must pass an exam to be licensed and are taking a program to meet the requirements, then you should be certain that the program you enroll in is accredited by the necessary organization.

Finding an adequate program to give you the training you need to be good at your new job is only part of the job you have to consider. For many people, not knowing what to expect from the licensing exam can be frustrating and even leave them falling short of the 300 score that is required. In order to better prepare yourself, you can take a preparation course before it is time to take your exam. Although this may seem unnecessary since you are completing a program in massage therapy immediately before taking your exam, many people feel that it helps to prepare them for what to expect.

You will find many study courses online that will break down the licensure test for you to give you a better understanding of what it will consist of. There will be 160 questions taken from the different topics covered in your program. Many of these study courses allow you the opportunity to take practice exams that resemble the real thing so that you will feel better prepared and know what you are facing. Finding one that discusses test taking strategies is also a good idea, especially for people with test anxiety.

As with any subject, it is up to you to get the most you can from your massage therapy training. Instead of doing what is needed to pass, encompass the subjects and learn all that you can so that you will be the best and most successful massage therapist possible!

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