What Are the Skills Necessary to Become a Medical Administrative Assistant?
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What Are the Skills Necessary to Become a Medical Administrative Assistant?

Dec 04, 2008

Before you begin schooling for a career as a medical administrative assistant, you may first want to ensure that you have the right skills to become effective at your job. By researching the necessary skills you can work on areas that need improvement before you apply for your first job, and ensure that you hit the ground running.

Computer Skills

A large part of your responsibilities will be to maintain records through the office’s software program. These programs can vary from office to office, so you may have to learn few new aspects on the job. It is important that you be comfortable working with software and able to learn new programs quickly. While you may learn certain computer aspects during your training to become a medical administrative assistant, it is a good idea to take some additional computer program classes through a continuing education program. Once you have started your job as a medical administrative assistant, you may have opportunities to attend classes given by software vendors to learn new skills. It is a good idea to take advantage of these classes as they will show your employer that you have the initiative to learn new skills and may lead to an increase in responsibilities at your work, or even a promotion.

People Skills

As a medical administrative assistant you will be working with the public. This may entail working with patients, laboratory specialists, vendors, or suppliers. It is important that you are always courteous and understanding, and try to resolve issues without losing your cool. Depending on the office that you work in, your day may be quite busy and you may have to meet the demands of patients who have been forced to wait for a long amount of time. As long as you can stay focused and not lose your temper you should have no problem.

Attention to Detail

Whether you are updating patient charts, ordering supplies, filling out laboratory request forms, or fulfilling some other task, it is important that you always pay specific attention and complete the requests as ordered. Failing to complete a task properly could result in a lot of improper medical supplies or an incorrect test, which could lead to the lack of proper care for the patient. It is important that you always make sure that tasks are completed exactly as indicated.

Manual Dexterity

As a medical administrative assistant you may be required to put together trays for medical procedures. This requires not only that you’re able to understand the types of medical equipment needed, but that you are able to handle the equipment carefully and in an efficient manner. A certain amount of manual dexterity is needed in order to carry out this task, so a career as a medical administrative assistant may not be recommended if you tend to drop things.

Willingness to Learn

During your tenure as a medical office assistant many things will change. Throughout these periods you need to be able to roll with the punches and adapt quickly to new situations, new technologies, and new types of computer software. The more you show a willingness to learn, the more future opportunities you’ll have to advance. Many medical office assistants go on to become medical office managers, and this can apply to you if you’re willing to learn everything you need to know about successfully running a medical office.

Many of the skills needed to become a successful medical administrative assistant are likely already part of your personality. However, if you are lacking some of the skills you can always take college courses or look online. By researching these skills, you can ensure that you have a long and successful career as a medical administrative assistant.

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