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What Is a Psychologist?

Dec 05, 2008

Psychologists are trained to study human behavior and mental processes. They generally focus on individual human behavior and try to find causes and patterns in their actions and thoughts. The goal of a psychologist is to understand human behavior and strive to help people cope with unproductive or destructive behavior in order to have better relationships and a better quality of life. Psychologists can work in private practices, clinics, and hospitals.

To become a psychologist you must first complete a doctoral degree, and depending on the specialty you choose you may need to complete one year of supervised experience in a clinical setting. For some psychology assistant jobs a master's degree is required, and since competition for these programs is very fierce it is recommended that your undergraduate degree have a heavy psychology focus.

Psychologists who work for large organizations earn an average of $77,010. Those who work for schools as counselors earn $64,140 per year.

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