What Is an MRI Technician?
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What Is an MRI Technician?

Dec 09, 2008

MRI technicians usually work in a hospital setting. They do tests called MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) that help physicians determine the extent of many kinds of illnesses or injuries. MRIs are done to diagnose everything from a suspected stroke to a torn rotator cuff. They are valuable tests because they are more accurate than other imaging studies like X-rays or CT scans and do not provide the patient with any radiation.

The MRI tech needs to obtain first a two-year degree in radiography technology and then goes to school for an additional year to obtain a degree in how to properly do MRIs. Most MRI technicians work right in the hospital but they can also work in free-standing clinics. They send the results of the tests they do immediately to the radiologist for evaluation. They also need to do some screening before the tests begin; some patients are not good candidates for MRIs and it is up to the MRI tech, in part, to determine that.

Overall, the job prospects for MRI techs look good because as the tests go down in price, doctors will surely order even more MRI studies to be done.

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Jan 28, 2011

If you enjoy the technical aspects of anatomy and medicine, training to be an MRI tech might be a good choice for you.

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