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What Is an Ultrasound Technician?

Apr 08, 2010

An ultrasound technician is a person who is specially trained to use diagnostic imaging tools, such as an ultrasound machine, to take images of the inside of a person's body in order to diagnose and treat medical issues. Ultrasounds are safe and non-invasive, which is why they are regularly used during pregnancy to check on the health of a pregnant mom and her developing fetus.

During an average day an ultrasound technician may meet with many patients, and will discuss how they are going to look at the body with the patient before they begin. Using a transponder, the technician will 'point' at the area of the body under observation, and will use a computer to take pictures and measurements where appropriate. The results will then be given to a physician for diagnosis.

Ultrasound technicians can work in hospitals, clinics, or other medical establishments. To become an ultrasound technician one must attend a two-year or four-year program through a university or vocational school, and the average salary is $61,980 per year.

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