What Is an X-Ray Technician?
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What Is an X-Ray Technician?

Dec 09, 2008

An X-ray technician is trained to use X-ray equipment to take pictures of the inside of the body, for diagnosis and treatment of disorders and illness. Jobs in this field can be located in hospitals, clinics, dentist's offices, and radiology clinics.

In the role of an X-ray technician you would be responsible for preparing a patient for an X-ray, and explaining the procedure to them. You would position the patient and equipment appropriately, and drape the patient with lead sheets to protect the areas of the body that aren't being X-rayed. Then you would take images of the person's body, and deliver the developed slides to a radiologist, physician, or nurse practitioner who can then discuss the results with the patient.

Generally, to become an X-ray technician you would require one to two years of training at a vocational school or college. The average salary for this career is $48,170.

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