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Skills for Pursuing a Medical Assistant Career

Jun 08, 2010

Medical assistants should be trained to do a number of different tasks. Usually medical assistant type jobs involve not only patient care but also some clerical work like order entry and filing. Depending on where a medical assistant is employed will determine what tasks will be his or her responsibility. For example, a medical assistant in an office might spend more than half their time filing lab work or X-ray results and answering phone calls and less time with hands on patient care. A medical assistant in a hospital might spend more face to face time with patients.

What Kind of Education Will I Need to Become a Medical Assistant?

Many post secondary schools like business and trade schools will help you acquire the skills and training you need to start your career as a medical assistant. You will take classes on anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, bookkeeping, transcription, and many other classes related to medicine. You will be taught laboratory procedures, diagnostic testing, and also about medications and how medications work. More advanced classes will be taught to medical assistant students also including office practices, law, and medical ethics. Once you have completed your education, you can go on to take an exam to become certified.

What Kinds of Characteristics Will Employers Be Looking for?

Employers will be looking for medical assistants that pay attention to detail. Medical assistants need to have this skill in just about every aspect of their job. It is important for an office or hospital to run smoothly and it is also an important part of maintaining patient safety as well as patient confidentiality. An employer will also want to hire medical assistants who look and act in a professional manner.

Medical assistants should also be courteous when speaking on the phone as well as to patients. They will want to hire those medical assistants who can do their job efficiently and also have a good understanding of medical terminology, order entry programs, and day to day operations of the place where they are employed. Employers will depend on their medical assistants to help the office or clinic run very smoothly and also help to treat patients efficiently and safely.

How Do I Know If a Career as a Medical Assistant Is Right for Me?

If you are an organized person with good attention to detail that likes to work with the public as well as other professionals, a career as a medical assistant might be a good choice. You might be on your way to a new career in the medical assisting field in as little as one year.

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