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Why Pursue a Medical Assistant Program?

Jun 07, 2010

There are many reasons to become a certified medical assistant. A career as a medical assistant provides an individual with a stable job and opportunity for advancement with as little as one year of training. If you do not wish to attend school for multiple years and want to work in a field that allows you to help many people, a career as a medical assistant could be a great choice. You should aspire to be professional, organized, knowledgeable, and get along well with others. A person aspiring to be a medical assistant should be a hard worker and be able to anticipate the needs of physicians and patients.

Educational Background

A career as a medical assistant could be yours in as little as a year after obtaining your high school diploma or GED. Many technical schools offer one-year programs in which individuals can obtain a certificate in medical assisting. You will take classes in medical terminology as well as basic medical skills and computers that will allow you to work in an office setting, a clinic, or even a hospital. Programs are also available at community colleges. These are usually associate’s degree programs and take about two years to complete.

Job Description

Depending on where you are employed, your new job as a medical assistant might have different responsibilities. Some settings require the medical assistant to do more clerical duties; other jobs might focus more on patient care responsibilities. Most jobs will provide the medical assistant with options to excel at both. In an office setting, often physicians will expect their medical assistants to help with billing and filing work. They will usually also expect medical assistants to take an active role in patient care including placing patients in exam rooms, greeting patients, and obtaining vital signs, as well as many other responsibilities.

Job Options

Job options for medical assistants are vast. Medical assistant positions are available in many different settings including offices, hospitals, clinics, and long-term care. There are options in rural areas, small towns, and big cities. The medical assistant has the ability to find a job that suits his or her needs and interests. Usually a medical assistant will have medical and dental benefits as well as a generous amount of vacation time.

Future Outlook

There will continue to be an increasing need for medical assistants for years to come. This is because there will be an increased need for professionals that are able to assist in all types of health care settings. There is a growing aging population that will need medical care and that means more patients in hospitals, offices, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. All of these places will employ more medical assistants. Many medical assistants will choose to return to school to get more training and will be able to make more money with their advanced degrees. Some medical assistants will be given roles that allow them to be in charge of other medical assistants and trained personnel. There will always be a need for medical assistants in the foreseeable future.

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