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19-Jul. 2009

Ten great Nursing Jobs

One of the great things about a nursing career is the sheer variety of work settings that are available to ply the trade.  The kinds of nursing jobs available range from laid back to aggressive, research to education.  The choices are nearly limitless and can match most any interest.

Check out this list of great nursing jobs:

  1. Emergency Department Nurse - If you like variety and action, the Emergency Department may be for you.  A never ending variety of patients come through the door - you never know what you will see next.  The action can be fast paced, challenging and endlessly rewarding.
  2. Critical Care/ICU Nurse - One of the most technically challenging positions in the nursing field.  Nurses in these critical care settings work with the sickest of the sick.  Just the pharmacology aspect alone is mind boggling.
  3. Flight Nurse - Flight nurses take their medical chops out to the open road.  Some work rotor wing duty and fly local rescues.  Others work a fixed wing gig and escort critically injured patients across the country and around the world.  Pre-hospital care at its most challenging.
  4. Traveling Nurse - Join up and see the world.  The demand for traveling nurses is tremendous.  These nurses work in villages in Africa, to remote assignments in Arctic regions.  Sometimes, they just travel to another part of the country.  An excellent way to see the world.
  5. School Nurse - If you love working with the little ones, being a school nurse could be the perfect job for you.  Think it may not be challenging enough?  Consider how difficult it would be to try and manage several pediatric patients at once with little to no back up or medical support.
  6. Labor and Delivery Nurse - Truly one of the most rewarding nursing careers.  Bringing life into the world - how cool is that?  All of the medical challenges are worth it when the newborn is delivered into the waiting arms of Mom.
  7. Pediatric Nurse - Working in the Pediatric unit requires a special kind of nurse.  Sick children tug our heart strings the hardest.  The challenges do come with great rewards and if you’re that special kind of nurse, you are in for a rewarding career.
  8. Operating Room Nurse - Complicated, with long hours  and a protocol heavy environment, OR nurses are a special breed.  Accuracy and efficiency count and the pressure can be tremendous.  Particularly rewarding for the detail oriented person.
  9. Nurse Practitioner - These nurses with advanced training work in a wide variety of settings from doctor’s offices to rural clinics to industrial settings.  This career is very close to practicing medicine and requires a special skill set and the ability to work with great autonomy.
  10. Nurse Educator - Nurses need to have continuing education throughout their licensure period.  Nurse Educators work in hospitals and ensure the nursing staff are up to speed in all of the latest procedures and protocols.

These are just a small sample of the exciting career choices a nurse has today.

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