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Witchcraft Legends

Jun 07, 2010

Witchcraft legends have the power to enthrall, captivate, teach, warn and entertain. From ancient tales and myths that have stood the test of time to modern stories and urban legends, witchcraft legends are treasure troves waiting to be mined for good stories, lessons and interesting information. Whether you are a practicing witch, someone who loves legends, someone who is always interested in learning something new, or all of the above, these witchcraft legends will have something of interest to you.

There are many excellent resources websites waiting out on the Internet for your viewing pleasure. Here is a sampling of the best and most comprehensive resources on witchcraft legends.

Short Witchcraft Legends

Witchcraft Legends

Witchcraft Legends offers a variety of fascinating short legends from Germany, Scotland and Ireland. Read about “The Witches’ Revenge,” “Frau Trude” and “The Witch of Treva.” These are all perfect snippets full of intrigue, brave young girls and midnight rides through dark woods that will expand your knowledge quickly if you haven’t had the time to sit down with a book. The site provides some links to the stories in the original German, which is perfect if you are interested in learning some neat new words to add to your language repertoire.

The Witch That Was Hurt

Available from the same site as the previous resource, this area is devoted to migratory legends focused on the relationship between witches and animals. These stories come from all over the globe such as Germany, Bohemia, the Shetland Islands, England, Wales, the U.S. and Ireland. These stories are also short and sweet, and very interesting.

Settle in to “Witches as Cats in Manternach” or “The Old Hare.” You will find links to the stories in their original language for the linguistic enthusiasts and those who love learning new words. Some of the links lead directly to digital scans of the stories in the original foreign language written in old-style calligraphy!

New Orleans Paranormal and Occult Research Society Ghostly Gallery

There cannot be a complete resource on witchcraft legends without something about New Orleans. Steeped in rich witchcraft history that is still very much alive and well, any quality resource on New Orleans is a keeper. The New Orleans Paranormal and Occult Research Society offers some great links for witchcraft legends and related information. Here you’ll find stories on New Orleans specifically, such as the haunted areas of the city, plus some fascinating reading on voodoo and other aspects of witchcraft. Be sure to check out the fun Ghostly Gallery Photos for some spooky images.

Encyclopedias of Witchcraft Legends

Myths Encyclopedia

Myths Encyclopedia is a terrific comprehensive resource on world myths and legends. Here you will find well-written, comprehensive articles on various witchcraft legends with lovely accompanying illustrations. Myths Encyclopedia is a quality online resource with cross-references, related entries, notes referring you to other helpful articles such as Names and Places, where you can find additional useful information. There is also a glossary of terms, and information on novels and other stories both current and classic relevant to the topic at hand. Users can submit comments, and there is also a forum available to ask questions and have interesting discussions.

Internet Sacred Text Archive

The Internet Sacred Text Archive is a marvelous resource for witchcraft legends. This website contains the full text of longer legends such as the Russian folk tale “Baba Yaga,” complete with illustrations and calligraphy letters. This website is a gold mine of legends, folktales, poems and songs from around the world. For instance, recently added is a collection of magic songs sung by shamans of the West Finns in two volumes, which is fascinating reading for anyone interested in witchcraft legends and history.

Goddess Gallery - Inanna & Ereskigal

Enjoy this entry in the Goddess Gallery about Sumerian goddess Inanna, also known by the name Ereskigal. This website offers stories of deities excerpted from published books, along with lovely illustrations painted by the woman who runs the site. You can purchase the prints or other merchandise such as calendars if you like the artwork. The website is nicely organized with a clickable alphabet that will get you to more quality entries about goddesses and heroines and more beautiful artwork.

Werewolves - Lycanthropy

This is a fun comprehensive website on all things werewolves. Full of graphics and pictures, this website offers loads of information on witchcraft legends related to lycanthropy. You’ll find information about werewolves in classic fairy tales and myths, comprehensive lists of terms from around the world, and helpful definitions. This website also offers information on other supernatural creatures such as vampires, fairies, elves, and Cyclopes, as well as a blog, videos, a forum, and a gift shop.

Websites Devoted To One Witchcraft Legend

The Bell Witch

The Bell Witch is a website dedicated to the infamous Tennessee “Bell Witch” legend. Here you will find the legend text in full, as well as detailed information on the characters, FAQ sheets, poems, pictures, genealogy information, news and a forum for discussion. If you are really interested in the story, you can check out the events page or purchase one of the great books signed by the author.

Legends of America

For a sampling of witchcraft legends from the United States, check out Legends of America. This website is mainly devoted to the great witchcraft legend “The Slat Witch of the Nebraska Plains, ” but there is also information on Native American legends from a variety of tribes such as the Apache, Sioux, Zuni and Blackfoot tribes.

Witchcraft legends are numerous and varied, and it is hard to keep track of them all. It is important to bookmark sites that are reliable, comprehensive, well-written and easy to navigate. The websites listed above are some of the best out there and they’re great resources for keeping you in the know about all things related to witchcraft legends. They are updated regularly with new content to whet your appetite and expand your knowledge, so be sure to check back frequently.

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